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How to Reach on Max Level in Call of Duty Mobile?

Over the past couple of months after the release of Call of Duty Mobile, there are thousands of gamers stuck at an intermediate level due to hitherto daunting missions. Progression becomes typical due to the lack of Credit and Points. It can cause trouble to reach on the max level of a game, and if it is the same issue with you, then you can follow some of the basic tips to enhance your overall progression. Along with these tips, you can consider the advanced method to take over opponents.

Lower Your Graphics Settings for Better Performance

The graphic setting is one of the common concerns among gamers because most of the experts are playing this game on optimal settings. This helps the gamer to target an opponent with ease. It is also helpful to get you better performance while playing this game, that’s why you can easily rely on it and get rid of all the issues with ease. 

By turning off the HDR, reducing the resolution to optimal for your smartphone and turning off the shadows of character, you can feel that the performance boost by many times. It allows you to move quickly and see an opponent coming from far range. This will let you progress wisely and easily also.

Character Class and Team

Having a unique type of character in your team can increase the chances of better progression, that’s why you can rely on it. The very first thing you need to do is, play using a character class and learn about all the pros and cons. When you are done learning about the basics, you will be able to come up with a wise strategy. Each character has a unique ability, and this will help.

For example, a team which contains a medic and a clown can provide a couple of advantages. The medic will assist in healing, whereas the clown is good in tricking, but it doesn’t mean that it is the best combo. There are some flaws also that’s why you should come up with your own strategy to begin and progress at a faster rate to take over the opponent with ease.

Using Boosts Wisely to progress Easily

As mentioned before, each character has their own special abilities. If you want to get all the advantages of the same, then you can boost your abilities. This will come in handy to enhance their overall progression. Boosts are a quick and better options when you are stuck into any kind of trap, or you are in the multiplayer mode.

However, you should use boosts wisely. There are many times when you can end up using a precious boost without any reason. In such cases, the chances of facing issues are higher. Hope, considering these factors will help you cut through the intermediate section and progress toward becoming a better gamer. Make sure that you stay selective while playing this game and using a tactic.