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Top 5 Easy Tips for Call of Duty Mobile Beginners!

Call of Duty Mobile Cheats, an Activision Publishing, Inc. development, is getting intense popularity due to all the features offered in the same. If you are playing this game, then you may know that this game is based on the survival, and if you want to be the best gamer, then you have to focus on the earning of virtual currencies like Credit and Points. 

Apart from earning currencies, you need to learn about all the characters so that you don’t end up getting into any kind of issue. Let’s have a look at some of the key factors to become an advanced gamer –

1. Try Out New Modes

You can find plenty of modes to try out. From battling with zombies to campaign mode, each one has plenty of rewards to offer you. Make sure that you focus on earning of virtual currencies by completing levels or keep on spending some of the time on levels. When you keep on completing levels, you keep on getting better in this game. Due to this reason, you can rely on it without any issue.

2. Graphic Settings

As mentioned before, this game has high-end graphics, so you must put the graphic settings to optimize for better performance. It doesn’t even matter that if you have a high-end smartphone or a mid-range, having an optimum setting allows you to get better performance and become an advanced gamer with ease. 

3. Shooting Modes

There are shooting modes that you can easily choose from. You have two options, automatically shoot when you aim the target or shoot by pressing the trigger. Well, both methods have their own advantage and disadvantage, but we suggest you keep on advanced shooting mode because you will need it later for sure.

4. Character Class

There are plenty of types in character, and it is important that you learn about all of them to know about the pros and cons. The character class is Medic, Scout, Clown, Mechanic, Ninja, Defender, and more. When you choose the character, you should learn about the reason and playing style before getting started with the same.

5. Upgrading Weapons

Each character class has its own weapon type, and you can easily upgrade that by spending some credit points. If you don’t upgrade the weapon, you will face trouble after completing the initial level. So, you should not avoid this factor; otherwise, the chances of getting into issues are higher. If you have a lack of currencies, then you can consider the in-app purchases option to get rid of all the issues.


After following these five tips, you need to focus on spending the credit points Wisely. This method will help you become an advanced gamer with ease. Make sure that you do not waste time on the purchase of virtual currencies by spending real money. This is not a bright choice because it will motivate you toward spending a higher amount, which is a bad choice for sure.